Thursday, 13 February 2014

Door and window

Hi Folks,
Welcome to my blog, as this is a painting of a close door, don't seriously take it that way, it's open for all of you ;)
 This painting is again an output of a practice session from a book by 'Paul Laseau' . Love the way it came out especially the shadow part.

And the painting below is of a window, I painted from a picture which I searched in Google, I like the way how wood texture has come out in it and also the look of an old wall.

Good day
Neha :)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Flowers and butterflies -_-

Hi folks,
Oh I love this painting of mine, I made this with the help of an awesome tutorial by Dennis Clark of Paint Basket TV. While painting I learned a lot about water coloring, how color interact with water, brush and paper, incredible process. This painting is on A4 size watercolor paper.

And here are the painted butterflies below with the technique of wet on wet, which I learned from Fiona peart :) 

Good day
Neha :)

Watercolor Paintings :)

Well, how about sharing some of my watercolor paintings with you guys.

Blue Ridge Mountains 

This painting was made back in 2013, inspired by a tutorial.
Love the medium of watercolor, what a wondrous way to communicate using colors...

Also, I made this flower, with watercolor pencil, thanks to the technology of watercolor pencil and watercolor pen brush, that I can draw without any hassle at my work place ;)
Pink Flower
 Made these paintings on 300gsm watercolor paper.

Good Day
Neha :)