Wednesday, 26 September 2012

This used to be a...shuttlecock box

This used to be a........ Shuttlecock box and now it is a........ Kaleidoscope :)

Hey everyone,

Oh yes, I made a kaleidoscope with some help from my Brother-in-law and Google. ( He wanted to gift it to someone special, shh.... ;) )

Actually, I think a kaleidoscope is a good idea for a gift, because everyone would love to add colors in their life. You just have to close one eye and look into a kaleidoscope and voila.... you are in the mesmerizing world of colors and seeing hundreds of patterns.

So do make one for your loved ones and enjoy the smiles you get back :).

This is the shuttlecock box...

In the process...

Turned out to be like this...

Supplies I used are-

- 3 mirrors of exact size (length 21.5cm, width 5.6cm)

- 2 circular cut glass (6.6cm of diameter)

- Some broken bangles

For decoration

- Hand made paper from a local store

- Some pattern paper from which I cut out hearts, stars and flowers

- And a decorative stone .

Participating in the challenge

1-Lulupu -This  used to be..

2-LESSology Challenge #18: It's a Wrap!

I had so much fun making it. I think I'll make one for myself too.

Hope you guys  like it .

Do leave your valuable comments /suggestions. Looking forward to it. :)

Have a nice day.


  1. How this is!!!! Love the idea!!!.... Brilliant...Thanks for playing along with US at LESSology...Hugs...xoxo

  2. What a neat idea! And a cool way to give a new lease of life to a shuttlecock box! :)

    Thanks for playing along with us at LESSology! Love your fun gift idea! :)

  3. Thank you so much for your comments...xoxo

  4. Awesome!! This reminds me of a project I did back during school days! Neat work, Neha!

    - Shruti

  5. This is wonderful.. and sooo out of the box (forgive the irony.) This is the kind of stuff we're looking for when we post our challenges!! Absolutely loved what you made!!! :)

    Thanks for playing along at Lulupu.. :)

  6. Thank you Shruti and Nikita, I am so glad you liked it :)